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EMBR is a single family office and venture capital fund based in Greenwich, CT USA

EMBR partners with exceptional founders and management teams with unique insights, through all phases of growth.


Mr. Brucato’s background is largely financial and entrepreneurial. He has been responsible for starting numerous private ventures throughout his career and has advised hundreds of public and private companies globally. In 2012, Mr. Brucato founded what is now EMBR Capital LLC, a single family office and venture capital fund focused on managing his personal investments. Mr. Brucato has a passion for international business and aligns much of EMBR’s fund allocations with entrepreneurs and management teams that echo the same mindset. Since 2017, he has completed over 115 EMBR investments into over 80 companies that operate on 6 continents. Mr. Brucato has directed much of EMBR’s investments into companies focused on: cannabis, diversified natural resources, healthcare, renewable energy, and technology. He is also dedicated to funding socially and environmentally impactful businesses worldwide. Through EMBR, Mr. Brucato is/was a venture-stage investor and minority shareholder of: Lake Resources (ASX:LKE); Magnis Energy (ASX:MNS); Cielo (CSE:CMC); E3 Lithium (TSXV:ETMC); Fobi AI (TSXV:FOBI); Nouveau Monde Graphite (NASDAQ:NMG); FuelPositive (TSXV:NHHH); Kodiak Copper (TSXV:KDK); MetaChain (Private); MineHub (TSXV:MHUB); PODA Holdings (IP portfolio acquired by Altria Group, NYSE:MO); POSaBIT (CSE:PBIT); QMX (acquired by Eldorado, NYSE:EGO); Reliq Health (TSXV:RHT); sCUBE (Private); Songistry (Private); UGE (TSXV:UGE); VSBLTY (CSE:VSBY); Western Uranium & Vanadium (CSE:WUC); and Xenomics (Private). Over the years, Mr. Brucato has been noted in many leading publications, including: Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business, Gold & Minerals Gazette, HazMat, Resource Investing News, and The Financial Review. Mr. Brucato is also the Founder & Co-Chair of the Brucato Family Foundation, a diversified non-profit organization aimed at supporting: the arts, children’s welfare, economic equality, education, health and wellness, hunger eradication, and mentoring, among other efforts. Mr. Brucato resides in Greenwich, CT with his wife and two sons. He enjoys spending time with family, regularly attending local CrossFit classes, participating in triathlons, and skiing.

Ryan M Brucato

Socially and environmentally impactful businesses...

EMBR believes in "giving back" by investing in companies that contribute to the social and environmental health and wellness of the world… Whether it be by supporting social and health easements via advanced technology or lowering the global carbon footprint. EMBR is dedicated to helping alleviate these challenges.

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